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We help charities and non-profits get up and running on Donorfy so they have the tech tools they need to succeed.
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Flexible Onboarding Packages

Small – £1,500

Ready, steady, GO! Get up and running quickly on a budget.

Medium – £5,000

Plan and execute a migration to Donorfy without drama.

Large – £10,000

For migrations that have more data, more detail and more integrations.

What our clients say

We chose to work with FB2 because after implementing ProgressCRM with a different partner is became apparent that we could benefit from working with someone who knew the CRM system in detail and therefore it was an obvious solution to start working with the founders of Progress.

FB2 helped us implement Progress, made it fit to your needs and trained us in using it in the best way possible. They have experience form other NGOs and therefore they know what is important for us.

Since we started working with FB2 we can now do much more advanced segmentation and querying. We have an full overview of the supporter journey and communication with our supporters and we are able to do better reporting on time.

I love working with FB2 because they are so easy to work with. They are very flexible, we email, Skype and SMS and whenever we have a critical problem that needs to be resolved now they will do anything to make it work. They are good at teaching both Progress and SQL. They are very patient with me – I never feel like I have asked a stupid question. It is always a pleasure talking them and together we find the best solution to our problems.

Three words to describe FB2: Responsive; Knowledgeable; Flexible

Betina Hasforth

CRM Manager, ActionAid DK

Three words to describe to FB2: Helpful; Timely; Amazing!

We chose to work with FB2 because they had skills we needed, after all they wrote our CRM system! They came recommended by the professionals and they were very competitive on price.

FB2 helped us understand our problems and then helped us solve them! After going from a slow, inaccurate, overcomplicated and frustrating database I am confident we are not only going to save time and money but we are going to be able to raise more money for those in need and that’s what it’s all about.

Since we started working with FB2 we can now…. relax! Robin very quickly understood the problems we had, as well as the problems we didn’t know we had. He put himself almost as a member of the team, could see what we wanted to achieve and helped us get there. With FB2 I can now be confident we have the CRM support we need.

I love working with FB2 because they get what we are trying to do; they’re flexible understanding our- potentially frustrating- ever changing needs; they are fast and efficient; they are reasonably priced; they understand our needs and make suggestions where we don’t have the expertise.

Jo Neville

Philanthropy Manager, Opportunity International

FB2 Consulting deliver strategic input, huge knowledge about fundraising, trust and safety.

Lisbet Christoffersen

Head of Fundraising, ActionAid DK

Three words to describe to FB2: Friendly; Professional; Knowledgeable
I like working with FB2 as they are always very professional, approachable and up for solving the problem, whatever it is. We have used them to help us with a number of different technologies and each project has been delivered to time and budget.

Graham Dunn

Database Manager, Scripture Union (England and Wales)