If I asked you to name the  most visited website in the US who would you guess? Facebook, Google, Amazon? Well the answer is Yahoo – I suspect for many people that might be followed by a Yah who? Some people might have a vague recollection of Yahoo from back in the 1990s but its not a company that gets the amount of media coverage enjoyed by Facebook, Google and Twitter.

More of a shock would be the 5th most visited site in the US – it’s Aol. Formerly AOL and before that America Online – now that really does take us back to a time of modems and CDs on magazine covers helping you get on the internet.

So it is dangerous to jump to conclusions – even when we think we know. How often, if we could find a way to test our assumptions, would we turn out to be wide of the mark.

History is littered with bad decisions made because people assumed they knew – for example Decca Records assumed groups playing guitars were on the way out and turned down The Beatles.

The same is true of data stored in your supporter database or CRM system.  For want of the time, skills or tools how many new insights could be gained and previous assumptions either confirmed or overturned?