Sounds obvious but it really helps to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. I had the pleasure of working with a Danish charity this week who asked me whether they could track and manage supporter journeys in their ProgressCRM donor database.

The answer of course is almost always “yes”, as long as you can define the journey on which you wish to take your supporters. At this point I normally find myself teasing out the details of the supporter journey, trying to understand what they’re trying to achieve, and often it’s the first time they have really thought about it.

Not so with my Danish fundraising superstars – they had the whole thing mapped out – from acquisition to retention, every communication, every milestone – so now it’s going to be a relatively straightforward job to get their ProgressCRM system to tell them exactly where on the journey every supporter is, and to automate the next communication for them. A breath of fresh, nordic air. And Copenhagen is becoming one of my favourite cities, which helps.

Apart from all that, this first week in business has been a pleasure from end to end: meeting up with old contacts, working with fundraisers, even logging expenses has been fun, ish. So thanks to everyone for their messages of support – I hope we do you proud.