Have you progressed from using your CRM as more than just a glorified Rolodex? Whether you call it a donor/member database, or “CRM” they still do the same basic job – keeping all your supporter data safe and sound so you can serve them better. But they can be so much more if you want them to be.

Is this how you use your CRM?

So why is it, after all this time, charities still struggle with CRM? Surely they know how to get the best out of them? Unfortunately the system can quickly become the excuse for a lack of management and control of the system, which sometimes leads to a completely unnecessary replacement project. An exercise which is usually quite painful, always expensive, and not guaranteed to solve anything if the root cause of the problem lies in people, not technology.

Sadly, the effort of implementing a CRM solution often leaves the charity too exhausted to get beyond the basics and really use it as the powerful business tool it can be. But that’s where the investment really starts to pay off. When your humble database begins to give you real insight – telling you something you didn’t already know – it begins to feel like it was worth the hassle. Honest.