Medium Donorfy Project

A managed route to great CRM for growing charities with a medium budget

Use a tried and trusted methodology to scope and deliver a successful Donorfy project.

Step 1 – Scoping and solution design

  • Conference call or meeting to help with requirements definition, including a Familiarisation session.
  • Produce timeline and estimate for remainder of project – step 2.
  • Approx 7 hours.
Opportunity to review before continuing.

Step 2 – Implementation

  • Configuration according to the requirements – approx 6 hours.
  • Data migration of up to 20,000 constituents including financial transaction history, recurring payment instructions and contact history – from one data source
    • first migration – for testing, approx. 20 hours.
    • second migration prior to going live, approx 5 hours
  • Integrations: any/all of MailChimp, Eventbrite and JustGiving – up to 2 hours.
  • Assistance with creation of Donorfy online giving web widget, and assistance for the web developer if required. Up to 2 hours.
  • Training sessions:
    • General CRM / contact management
    • Admin – configuration, Lists and Reports, integrations
    • Fundraising from Major Funders using Opportunities and / or Individual Giving
    • Finance – entering gifts, Gift Aid, recurring payment processing
  • Project management, meetings, emails, admin – approx 4 hours.

Price: £5,000 plus VAT.


  • Additional hours are agreed in advance and charged at the prevailing consulting rate (see Terms and Conditions).
  • Subject to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Billed monthly in arrears by the hour, according to work executed during that month.
  • Wherever possible the project is executed remotely using screenshare and conference calls. Site visits are possible if practical, however travel time and travel / accommodation costs are charged.