It’s the end of week 2 and FB2 is gathering speed. What have I learned, or been reminded of?

1. People in charities are happy to share their experience. We’re asking people to tell us what they think of our new fundraising database system. Why should they help us? Because by and large charities are happy to contribute to the success of the sector, not just their own cause. So they’re signing up to share their experience and give us feedback – fantastic. I guess I knew that already but it’s nice to see it happening.

2. There’s nothing between not busy and busy. I knew it wouldn’t last, but on day one my work calendar contained next to nothing. Time stretched out in front of me, giving me the rare chance to plan  the important, not just the urgent, because there wasn’t any! I took a moment to appreciate it, but thankfully, it’s not like that any more – the phone rang, projects appeared and now we are officially BUSY. But not too busy. No one ever says they’ve got just the right amount of enough work – they’re either max’d out or bored. I’d rather be busy.

3. It pays to be nice. “Nice” gets a bad press. Maybe it deserves it – being nice merely to be liked in return nullifies the point – but if it means doing a good job, being civil, credible, fair and respectful, and not being mean or unnecessarily aggressive then I like “nice”. You won’t find it in management and business books, but it costs nothing and in my experience it makes good business sense and helps you sleep easy at night.