Training Sessions

Familiarisation (2-3 hours)

A general overview of Donorfy covering all the main concepts, features and integrations to help managers understand the scope of the initial implementation and future phases.

General CRM / contact management training (2 hours)

A training session for people who will be using Donorfy to manage and maintain contact information.

  • Adding and searching for constituents
  • Connections
  • Activities – meetings, phone calls etc
  • Tasks
  • Send To Donorfy (sending emails that update the timeline)
  • Merging duplicates

Admin (4-5 hours)

A session for Donorfy Admins that will enable them to understand how Donorfy can be configured to meet the needs of their organisation.

  • Users
  • Settings
  • Querying and reporting with Lists
  • Tagging
  • Custom fields on Tags and Activities
  • Integrations
  • Using external reporting tools
  • Fundraising admin – Campaigns
  • Finance admin – coding structures etc

Comms (2 hours)

For people who need to produce and track communications.

  • Constituent comms preferences
  • Lists, including List overrides
  • Integration with MailChimp

Individual giving (2 hours)

For people involved with securing support from the ‘mass market’.

  • Campaigns
  • Segmenting the database.
  • Setting up a donation page
  • Selections for mailings

Fundraising from major funders (2-3 hours)

For fundraisers and managers working with major funders such as Trusts, Major Donors and Corporates.

  • Campaigns
  • Prospect research for Trusts, Major Donors, Corporates etc
  • Managing Opportunities and tracking pipeline

Community Fundraising (2 hours)

For fundraisers involved in managing volunteers and raising funds from events.

  • Campaigns
  • Challenge events, including integration with JustGiving
  • Volunteers
  • Eventbrite integration

Finance (2-3 hours)

  • Overview of concepts and coding structures
  • Gift entry – single and batch
    • Global defaults
    • Acknowledgement text
  • Acknowledging gifts (thank you letters and emails)
    • In bulk
    • On entry
  • Gift Aid
  • Recurring gifts
    • Cards via the Stripe widget / donation page
    • Direct Debits via the GoCardless widget
    • Direct Debits via a third-party provider
    • Standing Orders
  • Exporting to accounting system